Cancellation & Attendance Policy

Service Interruption Protocol (in the event of inclement weather)

The Perth Enrichment Program strives to offer services and programs that are planned with the safety of clients, caregivers, volunteers and staff in mind. As such, PEP’s program recognizes that there will be times during the year when there will be inclement weather conditions. PEP will remain open for clients that wish to attend (even when the buses are cancelled) however, we will not be providing transportation on those days.
On bus cancellation days, there will be no charge to those clients who choose not to attend. Please note, if clients are being dropped off on bad weather days, a phone number where their driver can be reached must be given in the event that the weather turns dangerous. Efforts will be made to contact you by phone the morning of to clarify the opening of the program.

Attendance (as it relates to illnesses)

We ask that clients consider staying at home if they are not feeling well due to colds and the flu. We would not want to pass along any illnesses to fellow clients. Thank you for your consideration.

Attendance Policy (as it relates to illnesses):

The purpose of this policy is to protect and maintain a safe and healthy environment for all individuals associated with the Perth Enrichment Program for Older Adults.

Any participant with a suspected or confirmed case of a communicable illness will be excluded from the program as determined by Public Health guidelines. The spouse / caregiver, or primary contact person will be contacted in the event of a suspected communicable disease and will be required to pick up their loved one from the day program. If the Perth Enrichment Program for Older Adults typically drives the participant to the program, they will be responsible for driving the ill participant home and notifying their primary or emergency contact. For this reason in particular it is imperative that we have emergency numbers where we can reach you or a home representative at all times should your loved one become ill and need transportation to their residence.

Symptoms to look for include:

-Influenza, fever, diarrhea, vomitting
-Pink eye
-Unexplained rashes
-Uncovered weeping skin lesions
-The individual is too weak or tired to participate in routine daily activity

It is also strongly suggested to stay up to date with all immunizations including the flu and pneumonia vaccine.

*Please note that the list is not to be considered all inclusive and that the program staff may use their discretion in determining the need for participant removal. The participant cannot return to the day program until symptoms subside or has a physician’s not to return to the program.




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