Thank you to everyone that supported the Highlands Hunt Adventure Race – 2017

We would like to thank everyone that participated, donated, sponsored and volunteered at our Annual Highlands Hunt. The day was a lot of fun and a great success!

A special thank you to Healthybooks Bookkeeping, Sean McAdoo and Jeannette Bosman for their support of the day.

The winners can be seen on our Highlands Hunt Adventure Race Event Page on this website.

Hope to see you next year!


Are you ready for your next Adventure?

Picture this: you’re scrambling to horizontally cross a ladder which is set between two trees in the middle of the forest. As sweat drips off your brow, you’re focused on reaching for the next rung. With hands clasped together, your partner quietly watches from ground.

Suddenly, you hear hooves trotting throughout the adjacent fields just metres away. You stop moving. Your heart races.

You remind yourself that you’re safe right now. You’re at a station which means they can’t get you.

But that won’t last long.

As soon as you make it to the other side of the ladder, you’ve completed your task. You make your way to search out the next station. That’s when it’s fair game for the horse hunter to tag you out of the game.

This is the Highlands Hunt Adventure Race.

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On Saturday, October 7, 2017, racers from across Eastern Ontario will take part in the Highlands Hunt Adventure Race in the ruggest Lanark Highlands.

The Highlands Hunt Adventure Race is a race of speed and stealth. The objective is to find and complete the skill-testing stations hidden in several hundred acres of rolling Lanark Highlands country and return home, while evading capture by horse mounted trackers. The stations are located across a vast property which includes rolling hills, swampy ditches and forested land. The stations change every year but know that you’ll be using your strength, speed and smarts to accomplish them.

Think: Mantracker. But without all the cameras.


Here’s how it works:

On Saturday afternoon at 2 p.m., all racers will set out to complete the stations (registrations begins at 12 p.m.).

You’re handed a property map – it’s then up to you to make it happen.

While you’re searching for your stations, your one other goal is not to get caught by a horse-riding tracker. Tracking the lands for racers, the horsemen want to tag you out of the game. If you’re caught, your game is made longer to complete. The first team/individual to successfully complete all stations without getting caught and get back to the finish line are crowned the winners. Your game runs until you either win, give up or time out by the 6 p.m. finish time.

You can race as an individual or as a team, with the team advantage being that only one of your team need complete the station test if all members of the team are present at the station at the same time (more players=faster time!). All team members must be present at the end of the race to qualify that they have finished the entire race, so you have to be a little careful to not get caught and split up by the trackers!

Are you ready to Race?

Online registration is now open, and you can register as an individual or as a team on our registration page. You can also pre-register and pay in person at 12 Elliot Street and come to the front desk.

You can also download the Registration and Waiver form and bring it into the Elliot Street Clinic or for race day.

The cost is $25 per person when you pre-register or $35 on the event day.

Register Now.

Children’s Race

Does your child want to get a taste of the Hunt? There will be a children’s race at 1 p.m. with one station. It’s for children 7 and under, and there is no cost for children when accompanied by a registered adult. There is no registration for the children’s race, it’s FREE.
And, hey: no scouting, adults!


Want to Volunteer?

We are currently looking for volunteers that may be able to help throughout the day. If you think you can give a few hours, please contact Suzanne at 613-267-1660, ext. 104.

On-site Activities

While you’re out racing, there are plenty of activities to do while your family/friends await your arrival back to camp.

We’ll have pony/horse rides (and possibly mini-horse rides) in the round pen, the Human Hamster Ball race — kids get put in a large inflatable ball and roll around a course; an Inflatable obstacle course; a Shooting gallery where kids can try airsoft guns and shoot targets and a Hi striker- a carnival style, hit-the-lever-with-the-mallet-and-slider-shoots-up-and-rings-the-bell contraptions.

All these activities are available for anyone to do for a nominal fee (cash only).

We’re also excited that this year, Providence Point will bring their inflatable obstacle course to the site! It’ll be a great activity for the kids (and kids at heart) to tackle. It’s a pay per use fee, and proceeds are split between Providence Point and the Perth Enrichment Program for Older Adults.

All funds raised from the race, activities and food go to the Perth Enrichment Program for Older Adults.

Please contact the PEP office at 613-201-7172 or email if you have any questions. 

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