Breathe Well Live Well Program (COPD) – Tuesday Afternoons in Perth


The Breathe Well Live Well Program is geared towards supporting clients with acute and chronic lung diseases. Although we have had clients attend who just enjoy the exercise class.

Who Would benefit from the program?

Those whose lives are affected by impaired lung function due to: COPD, Pulmonary Fibrosis, Chronic Bronchitis, Lung Transplant, Emphysema and Chronic Asthma.

Our Breathe Well Live Well Program is designed to help clients gain knowledge of their disease, manage their breathing challenges, and improve their exercise tolerance. In turn, this will help them achieve their optimal ability to carry out activities of daily living, regain independence and improve their overall quality of life. The program is currently being offered in Perth on Tuesday afternoons.

Participants can start at any time but are asked to commit to the ongoing current session.
I have really enjoyed attending the Breath Well Live Well Program taking place in Smiths Falls. The instructors are wonderful. I am happy to be back on track and to also seeing my health improve.

We are hoping to run a 6 week program in Smiths Falls in February. Program details to follow in the new year.

For more information please contact the PEP office at 613-201-7172 or email register, contact PEP at 613-201-7171 or by email at

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