PEP Adapting Programming Due to Coronavirus

Please note that due to concern for our clients and their caregivers we have decided to cancel all programming at both our Perth and Smiths Falls locations for the next week and possibly longer. We will be monitoring the situation and will make decisions on an informed basis. The phone and email will be monitored on a regular basis for those wishing to be in contact with us. We consider the health of our clients, their caregivers and our staff a priority.

Thank you for your understanding!

The exciting news is that PEP is adapting their programming and care of our clients and their caregivers during this unprecidented time.

We are excited that we will be partnering with The Good Companions Senior’ Centre, and the North Lanark Community Health Centre to offer some unique programming using a special phone platform known as Mercuri. This phone platform is designed towards offering the opportunity for our clients and their caregivers to be part of a special programming that we would usually partake in during the regular day programs. Such programming such as Quote of the Day, riddles, trivia and even some exercises. Staff are really excited about this opportunity. We miss seeing our clients in person but this will be a nice way to stay connected and hear each other voices.

We continue to call and check in with all of our clients and their families during this difficult time, encouraging them to all stay safe.

Please remember to wash your hands regularly and monitor your distance from others.

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