Lanark Trades Tournament – Postponed

Thank you for your interest in the Tradesmen Tournament.

We have decided to postpone the Tournament set for June 7th until September 2019.

We do apologize but look forward to the tournament in September!!

Come be part of the fun!! Our Lanark Trades Tournament is set for Friday, June 7th starting at 4:00 pm.


Two teams will run head-to-head through a relay of events in a tag-team style (e.g., one team member completes the first event, then passes the baton to the next team member who completes the second event, then passes the baton to a third team member who completes the third, etc.) There will be a series of stations in which a team member is chosen to compete in the individual task. The top two teams will meet in the finals where each team will compete to build the best picnic table in the shortest time.
Who: A Team of 4 -6
What: It’s a race through a series of events based on skills of the trades.
When: Friday, June 7th from 4 pm – 8 pm
Where: 12 Elliot Street in Perth (behind shoppers drug mart)
Why: In support of the Perth Enrichment Program and have some fun with anyone else who dare to challenge their skills.

Sponsorship opportunities are available.

More information to come shortly.


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